Religion in India

The latest edition of economist has an article on religion in India.

Economist Article – India’s Christians – The cross they bear

Are the fundamentals of Hinduism so weak that we need state laws against conversion? Lawmakers and politicians need to take a closer look at what’s happening before passing these laws. Most of the conversion is happening in tribal areas/states that lie in the insurgency corridor (Naxal corridor). The insurgency corridor is a product of the wide gulf between the poor and the rich. The state governments need to provide the basic facilities to the people who need them the most. The idea of buying religion may sound preposterous, but selling it is not. If I ever have to choose between feeding my family and abandoning my religion, I’ll feed my family without a second thought. But that’s just me.


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2 Responses to “Religion in India”

  1. aniche Says:

    amen to that!

  2. cg Says:

    There can never be a situation where you have to choose between the two.Religion can never come in way of feeding your family, rather if followed in a respectful way would help you to grow in life.

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