Like Uncle, Like Nephew — Amchi Mumbai

circa 1960 – Bal Thackeray starts his ‘Maharashtra for Maharahstrians’ campaign. The S. Indian migrant workers (’lungi-wallas‘) and the businesses of South Indians are attacked by Thackeray’s cronies. After the S. Indians, the Gujratis bear the brunt of Bal Thackeray’s campaign.

2008 – Raj Thackeray attacks the N. Indians (and Amitabh Bachchan) for not respecting the Marathi heritage or not doing enough for Mumbai. He accuses the N. Indians of taking the jobs away from the local population. So, what about the jobs created by Ambanis, Wadias, Tatas…?

Its time for the Thackerays to stop trumpeting their regional propaganda and spoil the cosmopolitan character of Mumbai. I’ve never understood the terms ‘True Marathi’, ‘True Tamilian’ or ‘True Indian’. What is the difference between ‘True Indian’ and ‘True Human Being’? ‘True this’ and ‘True that’ are nothing but jargons of populist politicians who donot have real issues to talk about. Would the Mumbaikars stand up and tell Mr. Raj Thackeray to shut up?

Vir Sanghvi on the Thackerays in his weekly column ‘Counterpoint’:

Mini Me and Dr Evil


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