Uganda — Phoney Kony

The Ugandan government and Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) have agreed to a ceasefire till the end of March, when the final agreement might be signed. The government has rejected LRA’s core demand of removal of International Criminal Court indictments and rightly so. Hopefully even at the end of March, Yoweri Museveni (the president of Uganda) will not grant Joseph Kony (head of LRA) amnesty and let him spend the rest of his life as a state guest in some foreign nation (like Idi Amin who spent his retirement in Saudi Arabia). Kony and his commanders have committed the worst crimes in a 20 year insurgency in Acholiland, a region in Northern Uganda. He has been fighting to establish a Christian nation, which will be ruled as per the biblical 10 commandments. Perhaps, Mr. Kony needs to reread the bible and explain the routine hackings, mutilations, and padlocking vaginas. Peace talks have been ongoing for a year and life has improved for some of the 1 million people displaced by the conflict. But the sense of fear is still too much for people to live a normal life.

Economist Article – Uganda – Still gripped by fear
BBC’s profile on Joseph Kony
BBC Images of the young innocent victims of the war


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  1. Aditya Says:

    The Economist link is broken …

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